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music production | audio engineering | mixing | session recording

music production.
  • songwriting/structuring/tracking/editing/mixing

  • oversee sound refinement and recording

  • expertise in sound editing techniques, software, and hardware

audio engineering.
  • music recording/enhancing, editing, and mixing

  • technical expertise in sound engineering techniques, equipment, software, and hardware

  • project consultation

  • enhancement, manipulation, and adjustment of singular tracks, to provide a quality final track sound

  • comfortable with most music genres and styles

  • latest in digital technology with the use of DAW and Waves plugins

session recording.
  • studio quality guitar tracks (remote or in-person)

  • collaborative, adaptable, communicative, & flexible

  • comfortable with most music genres and styles, preference is rock n' roll, blues, country, and folk.

  • Avid ProTools with Waves plugins

  • recording microphones

  • electric & acoustic guitars (Fender, Gibson, Takamine, Martin)

  • pro tube amps

  • misc. guitar pedals

  • 2020 Mac system

  • 16x8 AD/DA conversion

  • and more

final deliverable/file format.
  • .WAV

  • .AIFF

  • .MP3

  • remote/online sessions

  • in-person (in studio or mobile set-up) - located in PNW, USA - willing to travel

  • band/solo/acoustic live and livestream performance

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